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Unfolding Innovation Podcast

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Unfolding Innovation Podcast

Welcome to ‘Unfolding Innovation,’ a brand new podcast where the future of innovation and digital customer experience takes center stage.
Hosted by Andras Berczeli, founder and managing director of Sprintform, this podcast delves into the evolving landscape of digital product development, corporate innovation, and artificial intelligence.
Andras brings his extensive experience in financial services, technology, and digital consulting, leading discussions that unravel the complexities of utilizing data in business decision-making and building effective organizational cultures.
Join us for insightful dialogues with industry leaders and innovators reshaping how technology influences our businesses and lives.

Whether you’re a seasoned professional, a manager, an aspiring entrepreneur, or intrigued by the digital world, ‘Unfolding Innovation’ offers a unique blend of honest conversations, expert insights, and visionary ideas.
Tune in to explore how technological advancements shape the digital era and how you can participate in this exciting transformation.